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Quaker Notes


Who are the Quaker Notes?

The Quaker Notes are the University of Pennsylvania's premier, nationally acclaimed, all-female a cappella group.

Our History

Quaker Notes was founded in 1979, making it the first a cappella group established on campus. For over 40 years the women in Qnotes have brought contemporary music of all types to Penn and beyond.

Throughout the year we have a Fall and Spring show while also performing at various gigs. Our performances range from charity fundraisers and private parties to university events. We also have had amazing opportunities to open for Pentatonix (an internationally acclaimed pop a cappella group) and the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

About Us

Our style consists of contemporary music from many different genres. Instead of limiting ourselves to a specific style, we instead perform songs we are passionate about and think our audience will love. We compose and perform all of our own arrangements, continuously pushing the limits of our creativity.

But Qnotes is so much more than just the music. It's a group of amazing women with friendships and memories to last a lifetime.

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